Tipis and stories associated with several of them, including a huge tipi presented to Col. Welch on July 7, 1915.

Photo of Welch Tipi in field, July 7, 1915. pg 3 welch tipi in field

Close-up photo of Welch Tipi in field, July 7, 1915.pg 4 close-up welch tipi in field

Photo of Adolph Wise Spirit’s tipi in field with Welch tipi. pg 5 wise spirit tipi

Photo of Welch tipi, standing, in 1923. pg 2 tipi mato watakpe

Photo detail of Welch tipi pictographs.pg 16 enlarge

Photo of Welch tipi enlargments.pg 17 enlarge

Photo of Welch tipi enlarged to show horse’s tail at top.

Horse’s tail attributed to Circling Hawk and the Little Big Horn fight.

pg 18 enlarge

Photo of top of Welch’s tipi.pg 19 enlarge

Full description and background of Welch tipi as typed by Welch.

pg 6 description of tipi

pg 7 description

pg 8 descriptionpg 9 description

Photo of unidentified tipi from very old print.pg 10 very old tipi

Photo of Blue Thunder, Camp Crier, in front of his tipi, 1925.

pg 20 blue thunder

Photos of oil paintings of tipis by White Crow, Arikara.pg 11 white crow

pg 12 white crow

pg 13 white crow

pg 14 white crow and siouxInterviews with Mrs. John Grass in 1921 and Red Tomahawk in 1923 as typed by Welch.pg 15 grass and red tomahawk comments