Master Index


This is the index to 4000+ pages and photos of the Welch Dakota Papers Collection.


Little Big Horn

Battle of the Little Big Horn  as developed from interviews and documents passed to Col. A. B. Welch

 Chief John Grass    Grass talks to Welch about his participation in the Little Big Horn and life in the 1800’s

 General Custer   Welch’s notes, documents, interviews and photographs

Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull’s Last Days  As described in original letters given to Col. Welch

Letters, Newspaper Clippings, Reminiscences of Col. Welch

Red Tomahawk,  “Sitting Bull was my friend, I killed him like this.”

Red Tomahawk’s deposition at 1923 Trial concerning Black Hills Treaty of 1876. 

James McLaughlin:  Indian Agent Copybooks, 1876 & 1890, and Arrest Orders for Sitting Bull, given to Col. A. B. Welch


Native American Celebrations of the early 1900’s  Tribal Gatherings Welch attended as their Honored Brother, starting with his adoption into the Sioux Natio

Shields, Pictographs and Swords

Native American Shields and Pictographs 

Native American Customs – Organized Alphabetically

Life on The Plains in the 1800’s as told to Col. A. B. Welch

“Adoption” thru “Cooking”

 “Dances” thru “Exchange Media”

“Fighting the Enemy” thru “Hunting

“In-Laws” thru “Quills, Paints, Dyes”

“Red Man’s Welcome” to “Women’s Life”

Native American Mythology      

Native American Sacred Stones and Holy Places   

Native American Tribal Histories   

Tribal Histories (Arikara,Hidatsa, Mandan, Sioux)

240 interviews with “old-Timers

Special stories of better-known warriors

Forts and Trading Posts

Forts and Trading Posts in Dakota Territory

Fort Berthold, Dakota Territory, 1872    

Fort Yates Agency Sioux-Life Documents, 1870-1939    

Manuscripts and Comments of Col. A. B. Welch

Col. A. B. Welch’s Biography

Col. A. B. Welch’s Pictographic Christmas Letters

Col. A. B. Welch’s Unpublished Manuscripts    Two complete books and several unfinished manuscripts.

Chief John Grass misc. information    

Col. A. B. Welch’s Diary of his service in the Philippines Insurrection, 1898-1899

Col. A. B. Welch’s Official World War I German Army Photos    

Queen Marie of Romania    Becomes a Sister of the Sioux, 1926, Mandan, North Dakota

The First and Last Indian Campaigns in the Dakotas    

Mandan to Acapulco, 1937.  Just a fun trip.